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The Freethinking Podcasts

Jan 16, 2020

We finally did it. After over two years of doing this podcast, we finally reached our 100th episode. And so, for the 100th episode, we had to do something special. In this episode, we talk to Dr. Kirk MacGregor, who is basically "the guy" on Molinism.

We talk about so many great topics on this podcast, including what it's like being married to a Calvinist, dealing with alleged anthropomorphisms in the Bible (whew), and even some advice for new students studying philosophy. I know it's a long episode, but you'll want to listen to every second.

Thank you all so much for sticking with us for 100 episodes. We have some exciting stuff planned for the next 100 episodes, but we're always looking for new suggestions on what to talk about. If you want to suggest topics, go to and join our Facebook group. Then you can be the one asking the questions to our guest. Peace out nerds.

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