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The Freethinking Podcast

Feb 11, 2021

I know, I know, we have not done a podcast in awhile. And by that I mean our last episode was August 27th of 2020! There's no real interesting story as to why we took such a long break, other than the fact that I (Scott) started my M.A. in Philosophy and Tim published a book. As it turns out, this takes up a lot of time. Well, fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) for you all, we have come back from our extended hiatus well-rested and ready to talk some more apologetics and theology with you wonderful folks. Or I suppose more accurately, AT you wonderful folks.

In this episode, Tim and I discuss some of the response he received to his book. In particular, we do a brief overview of some of the criticisms raised by Guillaume Bignon, a Calvinist whose views are critiqued in the book. While Tim is still yet to publish his full response, we wanted to give everyone a taste of some of the things he is going to say. Stay tuned for more episodes coming weekly!

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