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The Freethinking Podcast

Mar 22, 2018

Listen closely to this one, as it’s very easy to get lost while defending the second premise of the Kalam. Fortunately for you, Tim takes you through exactly what you need to know for 95% of all of your interactions using this argument.

This premise of the Kalam is a tough one for me to defend, as I am not very good with a lot of the science that is talked about in support of it. But what I love about this argument is that, we, as Christians, are arguing in the same way as the mainstream scientific community! Science is not our enemy! It is so useful in defending premises in arguments that have theological implications in their conclusions.

I know this is a long episode but be sure to listen as many times as you need in order gain a basic understanding of the argument. Even if you don’t understand a lot of the science & philosophy talked about in this episode, don’t be discouraged. We all had to start somewhere.

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