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The Freethinking Podcast

Mar 29, 2018

Finally, we’ve reached the conclusion of the Kalam cosmological argument. This is Tim’s favorite part, as there is so much we can learn about God merely from the conclusion that the universe has a cause. Tim walks you through all of the characteristics of the cause of the universe, which is like discovering God!

The Kalam is such a simple and powerful argument for God’s existence. It may seem rather insignificant at first, but after one understands what exactly the cause of the universe must be, it seems it must be a thing like God.

We’ve got some great topics coming up for you guys in the following weeks. But, we need you to continue to be sharing, reviewing, and listening to the show. That’s how we grow and give more exposure to these powerful arguments for God’s existence. Stick around and continue loving God with all of your mind!