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The Freethinking Podcasts

Aug 9, 2018

We’ve got Dr. Jacobus Erasmus on the show for this episode, who is likely one of the smartest people we’ll have on the podcast. In this episode we talk about how he met Tim and the contributions he makes to Freethinking Ministries, including making Tim appear much smarter than he actually is. Not only that, but Dr. Erasmsus talks to us about the application of computer science to philosophy, as well as his book on the Kalam cosmological argument.

In the middle of the episode, Dr. Erasmsus gives a brief assessment of the argument from the impossibility of an actual infinite that is commonly used to support the beginning of the universe. He talks about why he prefers other arguments to this one in support of the Kalam. Very interesting stuff, so be sure to listen closely.

You can read more of Dr. Erasmsus’ work at his website He has also written some articles for Freethinking Ministries, so search for those at the FTM website. Finally, if you’re interested in his book on the Kalam, you can find it at

Thanks for listening and sharing and be on the lookout for part 2 with Dr. Erasmus!