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The Freethinking Podcasts

Aug 30, 2018

John Limanto comes back to talk about the problem of divine hiddenness. Divine hiddenness refers to the idea that, if God were to exist, we might expect him to reveal himself more fully to more people. The fact that some people do not feel as though God has been revealed to them might be thought of as an issue to the theist, particularly one who believes that God is all-loving and desires all humanity to know him.

John has written about this topic and provides us with some good insights as to why this isn’t really a problem for the theist. He questions many of the assumptions inherent in this objection and by the end of the episode I think it’s clear this isn’t a great objection to the existence of God.

Not only do we talk about the intellectual problem, but we also deal with the more pastoral question of helping someone who doesn’t feel God’s presence. John gives his thoughts on how to counsel someone through a situation like that. Really good stuff, particularly for those of us who have struggled with this issue.

This is a perfect episode to share with a friend who might be doubting if God is really there in their life. Reach out to them and hopefully this episode can help them in their walk.

John’s article: